We put the public safety at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring that our sites operate to the highest standards. We implement stringent health and safety requirements and aim to deliver above the industry standard for health, safety and wellbeing.

Site Vehicles

Heavy machinery, delivery and other site vehicles will operate around construction sites. While we ensure that vehicles are moving safely and correctly on site, it’s important that you remain vigilant and be aware of any moving vehicles. Vehicles moving in and out of site will be under the control of a banksman operative.


Scaffolding may come into public highways and footpaths, and will always be safely erected, positioned and made visible. It’s important to be aware of diversions, narrow footpaths and unexpected structures to prevent incidents.


Almost all construction sites will begin with some form of excavation, during which deep holes will be dug for foundation works. We ensure these areas are inaccessible and are clearly marked. It’s critical to be aware that unauthorised access to a site could result in serious injury or death. This particularly applies to young people who may be tempted to enter the site unauthorised.

Slips Trips and Falls

Construction sites often have temporary walkways, obstructions and an ever-changing supply of materials and components. While no unauthorised member of the public should enter a site, you should still be aware of slip, trip and fall risks while moving around an active construction project.

Road Works

Construction sites may impact neighbouring roads and footpaths, causing them to be altered for the duration of a project. While temporary measures are implemented correctly and safely, it’s important to remain vigilant to changes in road layout and observe diversions.

Children and Contruction Sites

Children see building sites as an exciting place to play. We continue to play our part in securing sites while parents are encouraged to warn their children about the dangers of construction sites and the associated risks.


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Ensuring we remain safety first at all times, we’re members of the below organisations.

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